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Music For Healing
I no longer see a tremendous variance between using music to promote healing and using drugs to promote healing. Over the years, I have found that there are some illnesses drugs won't heal. What do you do when you've tried it all? What is missing??...in the doctors?...in the patients?...in the system?? What would happen if our physicians would allow music to be considered as an option to ease the side effects of surgery?...to lessen the pain of childbirth?...to heighten the speed of recovery time? What do we have to lose? We've already tried all the drugs. We've already created thousands of new names for diseases. What if the hospitals would allow music to be piped into delivery rooms as a sedative?...into surgery rooms? Believe it or not, some hospitals have already incorporated these features. A number of research studies have been done and in almost all of them, the music made a drastic difference.

Please allow yourself to rethink your need for music for physical ailments. Every part of our being is based on a rhythm. When that rhythm is disrupted, for whatever reason, there is evidence of a disconnect somewhere in our body. When we allow stress to become more dominant than our natural rhythm, many things can happen...headache, stomach ache, nervousness, etc. We say that the body is sick. What is really happening, is that the body has lost it's rhythm. If our first choice is to seek that flow of rhythm again...what do I need to eat?...how much do I need to rest?...what situations do I need to resolve?...what situations do I need to abandon?...then we will find health much quicker. The problem with America is that the very first thing we do is reach for a pill. Most of the time, this only masks the pain, but does nothing to deal with the problem. Perhaps you need the medication to alleviate your immediate pain while you examine your situation and form a plan to deal with the base underlying problem, but you must ALWAYS be seeking that flow of rhythm and harmony. Medication can help us through rough spots and I am thankful for it. I would never tell anyone to stop taking any prescribed medication; I would simply lead them into a self-examination to help them discover ways to help their body mend to a point that, hopefully, the medication would no longer be needed. Music is always a component of care for every need, mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.

This class will explore many ways music can be used for healing.


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Rita Young Allen...Southern Belle
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