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Rita's Blog
Saturday, 13 November 2010
Are you living your Passion?

What is YOUR passion? Do you still hear your song of life playing every day or has it been silenced by schedules, deadlines, stress and pain? 

Posted by rita-allen at 9:38 AM EST
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Tuesday, 31 August 2010
The Cost of Job Stress

A little adrenaline flowing keeps us sharp, but when stress becomes chronic, all kinds of problems arise.  Chronic stress simply means you can't relax without some kind of drug aid.  Chronic stress will eventually affect your business negatively, your family and even your very life.  Stress is linked to the six leading causes of Death according to the American Psychological Association.  As much as 90% of doctor visits is rooted in stress.  Stress causes a loss to businesses of over $7,500 per worker, per year according to the APA, which to amounts to greater than $300 billion annually.  Do you think this would encourage Turnover?  Most definitely!

With the pressures of our economy, jobs are being eliminated and those left to do the jobs are being given more work than they are able to do....stress. They have no input or voice in the decision making of projects they are responsible for...stress.  The work pace is such that many breaks and lunch hours are completely forfeited...stress.  As the tension mounts, gossip starts and negative proclamations are accepted as fact...stress.  Suddenly it's management against employees...stress.  AND, turnover is rampant.  

Many executives have become proficient at denying stress is a problem, with either themselves or their associates.  They take the attitude that they are tough and they can handle anything.  Then they resort to drinking, overeating, drugs and smoking to cope, which only intensify the stress.  They are like a train headed down hill and unless help comes, they WILL crash.

All this could be tremendously reduced or even eliminated at the very beginning if we had leaders who knew how to lead with compassion and power.  But our leaders are leading the same way they were led.  Keep a stiff upper lip and let the rough end drag.  It won't work in our world today.  The Gen X and Yers won't tolerate it.  They want collaboration and team work.  

Turnover is not a plague; it's a fixable problem.  Terminating Turnover is easier than you think. 



Posted by rita-allen at 2:21 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 10 August 2010
Ready to start taking Private Voice Students!

FINALLY, am starting to head down the home stretch of getting this studio finished so I can start teaching.  Wow, what a chore this has been.  For those of you who don't know, I was supposed to lease another building, but when I was presented the lease, it was unbelievable!  I knew that I could not enter into a binding agreement with that person.  I found another building but this building was raw!  It was much bigger, which was great, but it had never once been painted on the inside.  So I have spent the last 2 months painting and finalizing it.  I will start teaching Private Voice within the next couple of weeks.  Blessings to you and have a great day! ~Rita 

Posted by rita-allen at 8:46 AM EDT
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Thursday, 5 August 2010
Gearing up for a Great Year!
I have spent the last few days finalizing details of my new board for the Alabama Chapter of National Speakers Association.  What a board I have; SO excited!!  Visit to check it out.  Still working on finishing up my Arts Center in Hayden, AL.  My summer plan was altered somewhat when I had to change locations mid-stream.  There was much more to be done to the building I have, but I have almost twice the room, which is awesome!  Lovin' my journey...bumps and all!

Posted by rita-allen at 10:27 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 5 August 2010 10:46 PM EDT
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