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My family has a history of severe joint pain. I have labored to keep myself healthy and do all the right things to avoid this great difficulty in life. But, about 2016, I felt the initial twinges knowing what could be headed my way. The twinges progressively became worse and more intense to the point that my hip joints hurt so badly, my entire pelvic area hurt. I dreaded even lying down to sleep at night because I knew it would involve a series of changing positions trying to find a position that didn't hurt. Some nights it never stopped hurting, I simply went to sleep because I wore myself out. I did all the right things to alleviate the pain, but my relief was only minimal. Some nights I cried myself to sleep. Consequently, my daily energy was low and some of my days were simply an all-out struggle. This was extremely difficult for me emotionally because I felt as if an unseen source was robbing my life and I could do nothing about it. That haunting fear was with me daily, overshadowing everything I did or planned to do. I could see all my relatives who had suffered debilitating lives and even death. My grandfather was bed-ridden for the last five years of his life because of rheumatoid arthritis.

Then, I found a remedy and relief for which I will be forever grateful and thankful. Here's my story...

I reached a point that I knew I had to do something about my daily pain. I was in pain every day in my hip joints, fingers and one shoulder. I had no energy to do anything, except for the first three hours each morning.

Philip and I began to pray for someone who could help us with all our issues because he was suffering with a whole set of his own problems. We are supporters of trauma medicine, but not the addiction of Big Pharma. We didn't want to be dependent on any synthetic drug, ever. I know that God created our bodies to heal themselves if we will give them the correct materials to work with. We started a SERIOUS, in-depth study of natural remedies. We tried it all, and got some relief in some areas of difficulty. Soon, Philip met a man, and they struck up a conversation. Come to find out, he was a Naturopath. He was FILLED with a wealth of information and help. We scheduled a scan with him and what he found was unbelievable. He not only told us why we had these issues, but he told us about other issues we had, that we didn't know we had so we could begin preventative supplements before they became a problem. His own life pains have given him a heart to help others.

We bought the supplements and the following scans were all slightly better! UNTIL...my scan immediately following a huge event in my life in Atlantic City. That scan was horrible! He found the beginnings of cancerous cells in several places in my body, along with other new negative issues. He used this opportunity to explain to me that the stress I experienced in Atlantic City, for only one full week, is what many people live in every day, in difficult life and at their jobs. It's called the "Fight or Flight Syndrome." It was no problem for me to understand why most of America is addicted to drugs, to mask and relieve the pain and stress they feel on a daily basis. He gave me new supplements to deal with my new issues and at my next scan they were better.

The scans provide bio-feedback on the body. You take your car in to get it checked out because something's not working right. They hook it up to a computer and the computer tells them all the issues. His machines do the same for the human body.

He has an 8D Deta Elis, (Life Resonance Alligience System) and a Quantum Meridian Analyzer. These work through BioResonance, which is the principle of using frequencies to heal living organisms. Every living and non-living thing has its own frequency, including every organ in the body. When an organ becomes sick or out of harmony, it resonates at a lower frequency. Not only is he able to see what the problem areas are, but is also able to correct some of the problems with frequencies. These devices have the ability to promote healing without being invasive or causing side-effects. These devices can safely also be used on children or pets. They can eliminate a wide variety of parasites and microorganisms. This method of using frequencies was very intriguing to me because of my lifetime of performing and teaching music.

The reason these machine are so marvelous is because any issue that is found is presented on a number sequence. You know immediately if it is an immediate danger or if it is just something you need to pay attention to, to keep it from becoming a danger. Bioresonance Therapy has a very interesting history.

It was originally developed by the Russians to treat astronauts living on space stations where they did not have immediate access to doctors or medicine.

Here are a few of our issues: (I am posting these for demonstration of what has happened in my body. These are the issues that Philip and I both suffered with, or symptoms of issues that could become full blown in our future.) Osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, low immunity, hypothyroidism, over-taxed adrenals, indigestion and severe acid reflux, bone health, insomnia, over-weight, parasites, low blood flow, vertigo, endometriosis, pre-cancer cells, memory loss, clogged arteries, gall stones, kidney stones, severe joint inflammation, too many free radicals, cysts on ovaries, arrhythmia, cold feet and hands, hair loss, propensity for Parkinsons, anemia, liver fat, leaky gut, high blood pressure, propensity for a stroke, high blood sugar, low collagen, dysbiosis, too acidic, to many toxins in blood, allergies, esophageal varicies, menieres, low stomach enzymes, polyps, triglycerides, bronchitis, Lyme Disease, Gout, Goiter, protenuria, pneumonia, uric acid, intestinal bacteria, enzyme deficiency, bladder infection, calcification, excessive stress, headaches, sinus fungus, high cholesterol, and vascular elasticity.

In preparing this post, I went back through all my scan sheets and as I begin to list all the issues we had, I was humbled, scared, thankful, and excited to be where I am today. I don't even want to think about where I would be today had I not known about these issues and started dealing with them when I did. So many of them would not have even shown up on routine examinations of general medicine, because the medical industry does not operate in preventive healthcare; they operate in the sickcare, creating lifetime customers of pharmaceuticals and damaging procedures.

The first time I had a scan, he did a treatment on my left hip, which for five years had felt as if a knife was piercing my joint every time I tried to step up. I had injured it in a car accident years ago and the arthritis had developed into something severe. I had no pain in that joint for a week after the visit. Even for just a week, it felt like heaven.

Then, another friend introduced me to pure CBD Oil. I thank God every day that it was pure because if I had not had the real thing, it would have done nothing for me and I would have dismissed CBD as a fluke. (You won't find pure CBD in gas stations, nor at many storefronts!)

I started taking pure CBD about two months before my next scan. When he began the scan, he was AMAZED. I heard him say, at least two dozen times,

"I can't believe this!"

"This is unbelievable!"

"I am blown away!"

"This has never happened!"

...and on and on. He told me that in all his years of doing scans, he had NEVER had anyone make as big a jump from serious issues to wellness, as I had, just from one scan to the next. He told me that two years ago when CBD was just entering the prescription market, he embraced it and recommended it to his clients because he knew what it would be able to do if it was pure CBD. Then, the market shysters entered the equation and no one really knew which CBD was good and which was compromised. He said there was no doubt what I had been taking was the real thing. The results were unprecedented.

I have posted two pictures below. These are from the scan. In my scan before CBD, most of my numbers were six and seven, which highly concerned us all...no, scared us all!!! You can see the key in the bottom right. 1's and 2's are the best. 3's and 4's are a warning. 5's and 6's are danger.

I am INCREDIBLY happy to tell you that pure CBD WORKS! Now I know from my own personal experience, AND from my scan results. It's not a synthetic remedy; it's the real deal! It not only removes the pain, but it brings your body back to a state of Homeostasis, which is the way God created us.

I have no pain, no inflammation.

I sleep like a baby.

I have energy throughout the day.

And it's all natural!!

So, because of the overall mission of pure CBD (which is to bring the body back to a place of homeostasis) I am completely amazed and overwhelmed with what it has done for me. I am in better health than I have been my whole life. I eat low carbs. I heal quickly. I eat within an 8-hour window every day and enjoy very delicious meals. I eat chocolate. I have energy to last throughout the day. I usually sleep at least 8 hours each night, soundly. And, my singing voice is better than it has ever been. Did I say, I am amazed!

You can now buy CBD on every corner and in every gas station because everyone is wanting to get in on the fast cash. But, you might as well not buy it if you don't get the pure stuff because it will do you no good and you will then proclaim that CBD doesn't work for you.

I can't begin to say how incredibly thankful I am for two important things in my life right now...these scans and CBD Oil! I purposely came off all supplements for almost three months before the scan because I wanted to see just what the CBD Oil would do for my body, to the fullest extent. I was already sold on it because it removed all my pain from arthritis, but I wanted to see just what else it would do for me as a whole, from one scan to the next. I was faithful to take it every day. Again, my Naturopath and I both were blown away! The miraculous reason I love these scans, is because they tell you what is going on in your body at a cellular level. If you have even a hint of a gall stone beginning to form, the scan tells you so you can start dealing with the problem before it is a problem!

I have had several scans and during each scan I can see, on the computer screen, the state of my body.

I drove by my local service station a few days ago and there in the window, was this sign..."CBD Oil Sold Here!" Folks, please don't be gullible. All CBD is not created equal!!! My CBD is the Highest Quality CBD in the industry today, and unadulterated. Be wise in what you buy. Read the label!

I'm loving this journey of helping people get free from pain and helping people make that extra money to help them get by each month. There is no better way to make money than by knowing you are helping others have a better life.

I walked into a prominent Health Food Store some time back and asked to see a bottle of their $169 CBD Oil! It was cut with Olive Oil! My CBD Oil does not take advantage of the consumer by price gouging. I can share with you how to get the real thing at wholesale! Be very sure to take the real thing. Not only has it worked for me, but it has changed my entire life. I am now an affiliate of this great company called "LifeGood" and I can walk with you every step of the way.

I am a Professional Speaker and one of my signature speeches is, "Live until you Die!"

Can you only imagine how this last year of my life intensifies this speech! www.RitaYoungAllen.com

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Blessings to you, my friend.  I hope that we can journey together!  ~Rita

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Rita Young Allen Teaching Credentials.....

Master of Science in Management Leadership (Healthcare Administration) from Troy University, Troy, Alabama
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Counseling, Emergency Management, Public Administration) from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama
Executive Director & Marketing Director for two National Healthcare Corporations
Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music Education from Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama
Associate of Arts in Vocal Performance, Wallace State College, Hanceville, Alabama
Music School Owner for 24 years
Performed at Carnegie Hall with Private Choirs, 6 years
Church Music Minister, 30+ years
Published Author, "The Sheaf Dreamer"
Columnist, 20+ years
President of Alabama National Speakers Association, 3 years
Public & Private School Teacher, 10 years (Choral & Drama)
Pageantry, Top Ten, National Competition of Ms. Senior America & Alabama State Director

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Rita Young Allen, Keynote Speaking Professional / Concert Soloist / Published Author / Bible Teacher / Emcee

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Concentration in Counseling) from Jacksonville State University.

Master of Science in Management Leadership (Healthcare Administration) from Troy University.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music, from Jacksonville State University.
Associate of Science in Music Education, Vocal Performance
Snead State College, Gadsden State College, and Wallace State College.


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