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I will never forget a conversation I had with a man many years ago concerning life. He said, "I have worked at the Steel Mill for 30 years and hated every minute of it."  Those words clinched my heart like a vice. From that moment, I purposed not to allow my children to grow up thinking that they had to conform to the norm of what others thought they should do. I spent years helping them understand that each of us has gifts and abilities that God Himself has placed within us.
When we ignore those heart cries to "do something different" we not only cheat ourselves, but the world.  Even when we don’t think we have a choice, if we ask for God’s help, I have found that providence moves in and all manner of "new choices" begin to spring up.  But, be prepared, for what looks like a catastrophe might just be the catapult to usher you into a new and wonderful place!  My husband, Philip, and I are prime examples of this.  Philip has been a tree surgeon and had his own tree business since 1986.  When the huge hurricane hit the coast of North Carolina several years ago, Philip took his log truck and headed for the coast. After staying there about a month, clearing out trees, he headed home. On the way home, his log truck died, never to live again. Philip had started a degree in Criminal Justice many years ago, but had never finished it. I told Philip that if he still had the desire finish his degree, now was the time. To make a very long story short, both Philip and I were students for several years, living on student loans.  We lived on a limited income, but that was our choice.  We weren't then, and still aren’t today living out the norm for 50 year-olds! We have had innuendos from several acquaintances indicating that we needed to come to our senses! Any time you don’t live in the normal realm of where society feels you need to be, you can expect the unexpected! Society measures you by the norm.
The current generation is expert at ignoring the norm.  They want to matter and make a difference because of who they are, not because of what someone else tells them they should be! If we can understand this, and walk in it, it will take away all effects of peer pressure in our lives.   Even though I had been singing for my entire life, upon graduating from high school, I entered college majoring in Secretarial Science. All girls in my neck of the woods were secretaries in 1971!  I spent the next several years in the corporate world as a secretary. In 1978, I had arrived. I had the job of jobs for a corporate secretary! I was the personal secretary to the managing partner of the largest CPA firm in the Tampa Bay area.  One day he asked me to go get his car and bring it to the front of the high rise that held our offices.  The reason he wanted me to go get it was because it was beginning to rain and he had a meeting; he didn’t want to get wet!  I knew there had to be a better way to make a living! I quit the next week and thus began my exploration of my heart desires and gifts. What a journey it has been!  I wouldn’t change a thing! 
I have done so many things and been so many places; from living in the country and home schooling my two children, to visiting Westminster Abby and the Royal Albert Hall in England!  Let me encourage you today to start seeking ways to use the gifts God has given you.  Some of you once had dreams; you had a song in your heart. It’s not gone! It’s still there!  You just have to act on it. When you do, many of your family and friends will tell you that you are crazy!  They will think you have lost your mind. It’s o.k.  Make a plan.  Start gathering information about your heart desires.  Take classes. Choose not to associate with those in your life who are naysayers. They will always be there, ready and willing to tell you why you can’t do what you have in your heart!  Share your vision with those who can see it with you.  "Where there is no vision, the people perish."  Proverbs 29:18  "Write the vision.  Make it plain upon the tablets, so that he who reads it may run." Habakkuk 2:2
Business Leader, does your company have a vision that even your lowest hourly wage associate understands?  How can they own a part of the race with no understanding of where they are going...how they are supposed to get there or have recognition of when they arrive?  Is your organization based on Positive Organizational Behavior or Negative Organizational Behavior?  Have you tried to change it's culture?  Friend, are each of your days an exciting journey on a path you have laid out for yourself, not one that someone else has laid out for you? If you would like to know where to start, I can help.  Business Consultation, Vision Casting Keynote Speeches, Personal Direction and the Art of Flying!

Rita Young Allen Teaching Credentials.....
Master of Science in Management Leadership (Healthcare Administration)
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Counseling, Emergency Management, Public Administration)
Executive Director & Marketing Director for two National Healthcare Corporations
Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music Education
Associate of Arts in Vocal Performance
Music School Owner for 24 years
Performed at Carnegie Hall with Private Choirs, 6 years
Church Music Minister, 30+ years
Published Author, "The Sheaf Dreamer"
Columnist, 20+ years
President of Alabama National Speakers Association, 3 years
Public & Private School Teacher, 10 years (Choral & Drama)
Pageantry, Top Ten, National Competition of Ms. Senior America & Alabama State Director

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Rita Young Allen, Keynote Speaking Professional / Concert Soloist / Published Author / Emcee

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Concentration in Counseling) from Jacksonville State University.

Master of Science in Management Leadership (Healthcare Administration) from Troy University.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music, from Jacksonville State University.

Associate of Science in Music Education, Vocal Performance

Snead State College, Gadsden State College, and Wallace State College.


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