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In addition to these testimonials, there are many more spread out over the website, including numerous student testimonials on the choral group pages. Also, visit my Linkedin Profile where I have 49 additional testimonials and recommendations, and top endorsements in Leadership, Leadership Development, Public Speaking, Training and Executive Coaching.

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“Rita Allen is the true meaning of Professional! She has a remarkable upbeat personality and always aims to get the job done with excellence. I enjoyed working with her on many projects. Rita is talented, outgoing, personable, detailed, as well as creative! She is always thinking outside the box. She is full of life and there is never a dull moment when in her presence. I am honored to have worked with such a great person.” September 4, 2009, Jessica Peterman, Brookdale Senior Living

“Rita Allen is a dedicated and trusted colleague whose passion to help others is evident by her actions. She does not have to proclaim that she adheres to ethics and integrity; she proves it with her determination to do the right thing. Her warm personality makes one feel as if they are the most important person in the world and this is the mark of a true professional.” March 29, 2009, Dallas Teague-Snider, CMP, Speaker -Author- The Impression Engineer , Make Your Best Impression

“I have worked with Rita Allen on several projects related to Network Birmingham. She is inspiring, creative, motivated, and gets the job done. Rita works well with others, as a team member as well as in a leadership position.” August 13, 2009, Donna Sisson, Owner , Context Resource Management,LLC

“I have known Rita for many years and I would like to recommend her as a wonderful leader, magnificent teacher, loyal and faithful worker and one of the most anointed women of God that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is detail oriented and dedicated to any task set before her. She is always up for a challenge and will meet or exceed any expectations. Her encouraging spirit causes all those around her to want to be better.” April 14, 2009 Dana Pannell, Career Specialist , Bevill State Community College

Rita Young has demonstrated an entrepreneural spirit with an emphasis on excellence, endurance, and enthusiasm resulting in successful endeavors. A positive attitude blended with a steady faith positions Rita for many more accomplishments which will encourage others with endearing leadership. Gary Hodges” September 10, 2009, Gary Hodges,  TV Station GM/Mid America Cable Sales and Relations Rep , Trinity Broadcasting Network

“Rita is an exceptional motivational speaker. I have had the pleasure to listen to Rita and I was very impressed with her style and ease of keeping the audience interested. I have also heard Rita sing which is literally "music to my ears!" What a pleasure it is to know Rita. I would highly recommend her.” August 13, 2009, Lorri Heller, C.Ht. , Birmingham-Hypnosis

Bobby M. Junkins, Judge of Probate, Etowah County
Rita, It was great to hear from you along with getting the packet of your new, very challenging adventure.  I am one of your biggest fans in hopes that it all comes together for you.  Yes, it does take hard work, but you have that natural ability to communicate so well with people.  Music is soothing to the soul.  Of course, you can use me as a reference, and anything else I can do for you, just let me know.

The Birmingham News Extra, May 9, 2007

Her entertaining breathes life into others!

Wearing a white fur coat complete with a sparkly necklace and matching earrings, she belts out a medley of Broadway show tunes and packs them in every performance!  Allen awed guests with her solos, The "Sound of Music," "At the end of theDay" from Les Mis, and "If my Friends Could See Me Now" from Sweet Charity….“My favorite philosophy is that the world is a better place because of those who refuse to believe they can’t fly!” Allen said.  “I have built my life and career looking at the glass half full and always believe there’s an upside to every difficult place we walk in life.  I love breathing hope into the lives of others through speaking and singing.”  Coming up…a Gaither-style Gospel Homecoming and in the fall Big Band Evening!


Karen Owen, United Way of Etowah County, AL

The “Spirit of Citizenship” monument dedication is now a memory, a wonderful night of pride, patriotism and unity.  I was glad to have played a part in its success.  Rita, you gave us chills and made us cry with pride as the monument was lit.  Your emotion was contagious.  Thanks for sharing your voice and talent.  It made the closing perfect.

Lamar and Shelia Quinn, Parents of Voice Student

The six years we have known Rita Allen have been great!  Rita, you constantly try to get everyone to give it all they’ve got and never, never quit.  The road to success is paved by wonderful people like you who continually strive to make a better person out of each young person.  Fun makes working and living worthwhile.  Fun makes you the kind of person our children want to be around.  Thanks for being Rita Allen!

Ellen and Phillip Cochran, Parents of Choir Student

Etowah Live has been just wonderful!  I am so thankful that Rita has had the vision to offer this show choir for the students in Etowah County.  Cara has really enjoyed singing with the choir and has learned many different kinds of music…I appreciate the heart and soul Rita puts into practices and performances.  Her positive attitude is reflected in these students.  I know this choir has had an amazing impact on Cara’s life.  How many students can say they have sung at Carnegie Hall?  Thank you, Rita, for leaving positive footprints in Cara’s life!

Tim and Sharon Kisor, Parents of Private Voice & Show Choir Student

We would like to thank Rita Allen for all the time, encouragement, guidance and confidence she has given to Laura over the last few years.  Laura started out with a dream of singing and performing.  Rita brought her out of her shell and she blossomed more and more each year.  She is now confident in performing and has the desire to go as far as she can go.  Rita has instilled in her the dedication and hard work that it takes to become the best she can be.  Laura now has a direction and goal that she is out to achieve and we will always be thankful to Rita Allen for her time, direction and excellence in guiding Laura down a path that will bring her a lifetime of enjoyment.

Beth Nelson, Personal Development Student

Ms. Allen, Thank you for everything you have taught me…I appreciate you building up my confidence.  Every time I come out of class with you, I feel so good about myself.  I feel like I can accomplish anything!  I love that feeling!

Susan McMurray, Owner of Realty Plus, Inc. Rainbow City, AL

Words cannot express our thanks to your for your help and assistance with Kim and Blake’s wedding.  Not only did you give us your knowledge, ideas and guidance, but we felt like you really cared about us, our families, our friends and most of all, our feelings.  The wedding was perfect!...You took 50 people who knew very little about weddings and brought it all together beautifully.  Your professionalism was superior!  Sincerely and with a grateful heart, Susan

HI Rita, took me a while to reply..thank you for the wondrous and wonderful message. As I was writing my newsletter about thanksgiving...you are exactly the Spirit of thanksiving. You value and are valuable. Your message makes my heart sing with gratitude. Everyday I am in gratitude, gratefulness and thankfulness for all those who come into my life. Have the most amazing holiday...as this year closes a new one begins with all the abundance of prosperity as we share our lives with others. You are being just that! Please let me know what ever I can do to enrich your life. I will keep your offer in mind as the new year approaches. Blessings in all way always!  Sherry Anshara

Calvin M. Hanson, Minister
It is somewhat difficult to fully and completely express my personal feeling regarding my recent visit to Galleria Woods last weekend.  The staff was friendly, gracious and highly professional. The Friday evening musical with Rita was not only entertaining on a very high level, but incorporating the participation by residents, was special. As a retired minister, I meet scores of people regularly, and found that Rita possesses an unusually kind spirit. She has been gifted by our Creator.  The accommodations were top of the line...I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation.
Sincerely,  Calvin

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“Rita Allen is exemplary in everything that she endeavors. Her personality is encouraging and motivational. Rita always gives 500% in anything she is a part of, and she is a pleasure to know. Rebecca L. Weber” May 1, 2009, Rebecca Weber, Office Manager , Seraaj Family Homes

“I had the opportunity to work with Rita Allen on more than one professional Board. She is a pleasure to work with. Rita has an amazing, upbeat outlook and always offers unique insight. She is reliable and responsible. You would be lucky to work with her.” May 19, 2009, Caryn Tarradas, Corporate Firefighter , Capstone Development International, LLC

“Rita is one in a million. You won't find anyone with a better work ethic. Positive and creative, Rita is a dedicated professional who is always trying to help others.” August 3, 2009, David Sher, whOOyouknow.com

“Rita Allen's energy and enthusiasm along with her dedication and expertise has always made her a valuable asset to Network Birmingham. I look forward to an exciting year with Rita as president of this great organization!” September 5, 2009, Linda Brooks Geiss, Founder, CEO , Women's Exchange, Inc.

Dallas Teague Snider, The Kindness Revolution

Rita, thank you for being the heart of the event!  I know your spirit made everyone smile.  I cannot thank you enough for all your support.

Gary Hodges, Station Manager, WTJP Channel 60, All American Network

Rita, Thank you very much for speaking on our “Behind the Scenes” program.  Our potential viewing audience now consists of approximately 1.5 million people.  It is because of people like you that we are able to inform and educate our viewers on issues and problems.

“Rita Allen is a warm and dynamic speaker whose positive attitude fills the room with joy and light. Her messages are always uplifting and upbeat. She's a breath of fresh air, especially in these difficult economic times. She is also an accomplished musician, so this is yet another way she brings happiness into the lives of others. I recommend her highly.” May 12, 2009, Owner , Melanie LeMay Communications Consulting

Beth Nigri, Marketing Director, The Fitness Center
Rita is a very positive and innovative person. She is forward thinking and has great marketing ideas that work. Rita is very focused and thinks outside the box. I've found her to be a very creative person and a pleasure to work with. 

Wyman Hamilton, ED, Galleria Woods Retirement Community

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all that you have done for Galleria Woods and its residents.  In a very short period of time you have made a huge impact on the marketing department and our residents.  Your positive attitude, work ethic and caring spirit is an example to us all.  Thank you for all you do.  If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

Jennifer Tsantes, Owner, Front2Back Business Services
Rita is energetic and definitely has your best interest in mind. She is a hard worker and fun to be around.

Rita, All I can say is "WOW!"
Thank you for reaching out and sharing your wonderful gift in song. I don't think I have ever heard "Amazing Grace" sung as beautiful as I have heard you sing it. I pray the Lord continues to use you mightly for His great works.  God bless you!  DeWayne Owens, December 2009

Gene Johnson, Principle, Southside High School, Southside, AL
I could never list the accomplishments and positive influence that Mrs. Allen has had with the students, faculty, and administration at the school...the results sing for themselves.

Deirdre Coakley, The Gadsden Times, Gadsden, AL

In January, voice teacher, Rita Allen, embarked on what she describes as “one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, teaching voice and personal development to girls at John Croyle’s Big Oak Ranch at Springville.”  The result is that in Ms. Allen’s annual concert Saturday at Wallace Hall, the 45 person cast includes 22 Big Oak girls, aged 6 to 18.  According to Bev Elliott, a Big Oak foster mother whose house is the venue for many of the lessons, the program is doing wonders for the girls taking the course.  “The result of Rita’s tireless efforts and bubbling enthusiasm is an increased sense of confidence among all the girls under her tutelage,” Mrs. Elliott says.  “There’s a rise in poise and self-esteem.  Now they’re ready to take on the world!

Lisha Lonnergan, Director of Public Relations, Center for Cultural Arts, Gadsden, AL

It is my pleasure to recommend Rita Allen.  We have worked with Rita on many occasions and have found her to be efficient, dependable and a truly great entertainer.  You will also find that she is a creative person with lots of wonderful ideas who can assess a situation quickly and supply alternatives and solutions readily.

Mark and Donna King, Houseparents, Big Oak Girl's Ranch
Music, in its many facets, lends us to a beauty that transforms into personalities of soothing comfort, peace, joy, sometimes pain and discomfort.  In our children's lives, music has been a ministry.  A ministry of hope, security, love and just having a great time cultivating their talents.  Rita Allen has a unique way of teaching music so that her students are eager to learn and appreciate this lovely form of art.

Mike Welborn, Music Pastor, Cathedral of Praise, Gadsden, AL

Rita, thank you for your contribution to the ministries of Cathedral of Praise and for being part of the “Celebrating Our Heritage” musical service.  The talents and abilities that God has placed on your life are obvious.

Tanya, Director, Big Oak Ranch, Springville, AL

Rita, Thank you so much for all you do with our girls.  My heart just swells with pride when I hear them sing.  You have so much charisma; it is always a joy and a blessing to hear you perform.  Thank you again for the light you bring to Big Oak!

Myra Arrington, Mother of Private Voice and Show Choir Student

Dear Rita, thank you for the tremendous amount of help you gave Haley.  I feel you have helped Haley accomplish her goal of being able to stand in front of other whether it is at her church singing or speaking in her class at school.  Thanks for bringing a child that was too shy to stand up in her class and read a line, to a child that could compete and entertain in front of an audience of more than 500 people at a State and International level.  Sincerely, Myra

Heather Sewell, Show Choir and Concert Choir Student

Where do I begin?...Your class has been an great asset to my life.  You are such an inspiration!  You have no idea how much you have taught me!

Heather Butler, Concert Choir Member

This year has been a lot of fun for me!  For one thing, it is my senior year!  Choir is so much fun!  I could not imagine my last two years without it!  Choir has been more than just a class to me.  It has been the most awesome experience to me.  I have grown so much in this class.  As I go through life, I will never forget the moments in class.  Mrs. Allen, I love you so much.  You are an awesome person to be around.  You rarely have anything negative to say and even when you do, it is followed by something positive to make it better.  I love that about you.  Every day I come into class wondering what you will have to tell us that is encouraging, or just an awesome story that you have to tell.

Charlie Gargus, Father of Show Choir Student
I thought I would take a minute just to drop you a line and say thanks...It takes a special person to gain the respect and admiration that kids bestow on you.  That respect and admiration can't be "created."  Kids see us all the way we truly are.  Elizabeth sees you as someone very special.  I am sure you reach those "trying" days just as we all do.  When they hit just, know you have a lot of prayers and thoughts of thanksgiving from more people than you know.

Donna Williamson, Private Voice Student & Gospel Choir Member
Thanks, Rita, for accepting me as a student, for believing in me and listening to me and for opening up this wonderful new world of music!

What a blessing you are to me.  If it was only a visit, your bright spirit would have lifted me up, however, you did not come for a visit alone; but to bless my socks off with your knowledge.  You are such a gentle teacher.  Thank you does not fully express my appreciation, but it is my best so Thank You.  Your encouragement has changed me.  With love and appreciation, Darlene
Darlene Real Higginbotham, Speaking Professional, Appearance Matters, Inc.

Bill Morris, Area Representative, Field Studies International, Carnegie Hall

Dear Ms. Allen, I just wanted to let you know what a great performance your choral group did in Carnegie Hall.  We, at Field Studies, appreciate the dedication and hard work you have done to have your singers ready when they arrived in New York.  Mr. Eichenberger was very pleased with the performance and with the rehearsals.  We look forward to the next time you participate in the Carnegie Hall experience.

Rita, Your attitude and disciplined communication in your note is amazing. I can see how you would not only have wonderful relationships but extreme success. I congratulate you for what you do. Of course I would love to work with you. Please let me know what I can do for you.     All my best, Curt Brinkman, December 2009

“Rita was the Founder and Choir Director of David's Army, a ministry of music, in Etowah County which I was a member of. I have the highest personal and professional regards for Rita. She is a unique blend of natural ability, directness, common sense, congeniality, sincerity, and originality. Rita is very knowledgeable in vocal training and knows how to teach the methods of voice in simple terms to get the student to understand and perform. With her extensive singing appearance, she gets her students to project the message in music. Rita has excellant people skills. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Rita to be anybody's voice instructor. Sincerely, Dwight Bush 256-438-5780” August 13, 2009, Revenue Manager , Alabama Department of Revenue

“Rita and I have worked together on numerous projects, both professionally and personally over the last ten years and more. Rita is always faithful to give more than one hundred percent of her very energetic self to anything she puts her hand to, and in doing so is enormously blessed. Rita has such a desire that God shine through in all that she does and says, and the results are always incredible!” May 6, 2009, Melanie Ginn, VP of Operations , Southern Risk Services, LLC

Karen Owen, Executive Director, United Way of Etowah County

I am always eager to praise individuals who do great things!  During the Victory Celebration of the 1995 United Way Campaign, I had the opportunity of working with Rita Allen.  She was a true professional, intent on delivering exactly what was needed to enhance an event.  She belted out those songs with such enthusiasm that her voice filled the entire auditorium, giving us just the effect we needed.  We plan to have Rita perform again and again.  With a voice as versatile as her, we would never tire of it.  I would recommend her to anyone.  She is a beautiful, creative and talented lady.

Sue L. Glidewell, Mayor of Rainbow City, AL
It is my privilege to write a letter of endorsement and support for your big spring music showcase.  I know you will do an outstanding job.  Congratulations on your recent performance at Carnegie Hall.  I am sure that all of you were good ambassadors for our area during this special time in your lives.  The quality of music is outstanding in every way.  I kow you feel as I do, that your success is because of your combined talents and your wonderful director, Rita Allen.  I wish you much success in all future endeavors.

Mary Kampfer, Mother of a Choir Student

Life is what you make it, and you make it lovely!

Anita Gardner, HouseMom at Big Oak Girl’s Ranch

Rita, you do bring sunshine to others!  Even when you are down or not feeling well, you never let it show.  You are such an inspiration to me!  You have become my mentor.  Thank you for being so patient with me. 

Ron Townsend, City of Gadsden, AL

Dear Rita, thank you for your time, participation and patience during the rehearsal and performance of the 1996 Sesquicentennial Extravaganza.  Without your performance the event would not have been the success it was for the city!  Let’s do it again in another 150 years!

Shaun Irwin, Member of Special Interest Group

Your generous and loving sharing in our group has been thought provoking, inspiring and humbling.  Thank you for being a part of my life and the ever so glorious future!

Emily Quinn, Private Voice & Show Choir Student

Due to Mrs. Rita’s guidance, I have been awarded a full vocal scholarship to Jacksonville State University.  Mrs. Rita, it’s hard to believe that seven years have gone by.  You will always consume a large amount of my heart.  In my life you have been a great example as well as in the lives of many others.  Thank you so much for everything you have done.  I love you and wish the best for your future.

DeeDee Leda, Director of the Center for Cultural Arts Ballet Company, Gadsden, AL

I would like to thank Rita Allen and her students for their professional and exquisite performances over the past few years.  Their participation has added a new dimension to our “Spring Bouquet Recital.”  The audience has enjoyed their entertainment and we have enjoyed working with them.  They are an asset to the cultural opportunities available to young people in our community.

Heather Simechak, Show Choir and Concert Choir Student, Choreography Instructor

Mrs. Allen, You have been such a blessing to me these past few years and I’ve loved every second of it!  It has been a wonderful journey.  Your support and confidence in me, and your beautiful spirit are impeccable.  Thank you for blessing my life in so many ways.

Patsy & Larry Franklin, Parents of three girls, all Private Voice and Show Choir Students
Dear Rita,
Just a note to say thank you for your help and encouragement over the years.  The girl's voices have made such an improvement which is due to your guidance and teaching.  You have been their teacher and friend.  You have given them opportunities to sing at places we would have never known about.  These experiencs are good life lessons and wonderful memories.  God bless you, Patsy & Larry

Brenda Garner, Private Voice Student and Gospel Choir Member
I began private voice lessons with Rita in 2003.  Rita is a wonderful, gifted teacher and I appreciate her so much.  After each lesson I leave her studio feeling refreshed and encouraged.

Cindy Tate, Mother of Private Voice & Show Choir Student

Rita, These past five years of training have greatly improved and refined Nikki’s vocal ability.  With your help we plan to apply for scholarships.  Your ability and availability to share your God-given talent will go beyond your personal life through these students and bless millions across America.Respectfully, Cindy

Edith Box, Friend

You have been blessed with a marvelous gift and I thank you for sharing it with us…the entire evening deserves a BRAVO!

Lynn Martin, Retirement Community Resident

You are an absolute joy and I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have to be around you.  Thank you for your willing heart.

Gloria Eubank, Retirement Community Resident

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed Friday night.  Bill and I had heard from everyone what a beautiful voice you had, but we were really blown away!

Brittany Wise, Show Choir Student

I have been with Mrs. Allen for two years and I can’t begin to describe how much fun I have had!  It has been the biggest blessing in my life!...Not only has she taught so much about music, she has been such a positive influence in my life.  Thank you SO much for all you have done!

Alicia Dobbins, Show Choir Student

Mrs. Rita,

I just want you to know that I love you very much and I thank you for all that you have done for me.  “Etowah Live!” has meant everything to me this year.  It has basically been my life!  If I wasn’t at work or at home, I was with you at a performance.  You have opened so many doors for me through “Etowah Live!” and I thank you very much.

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of reference for Rita Allen.

I first met Rita in 2008, the year she became President of Network Birmingham. Rita took a lack luster, and frankly, stagnant organization and injected it with energy and turned it around. She is a true powerhouse! Recently, my business partners and I decided it would be beneficial for us to get instruction for public speaking. I personally know several speech coaches, but Rita was top of my list. We found that Rita has an
incredible way of making a very difficult task easy. Rita breaks her instruction down into simple to follow steps that insure success and builds total confidence. Our time with Rita was invaluable.

When Rita delivers a presentation, it is truly more than a presentation; it is a performance. She delivers her material in a clear and concise manner, but does it with such enthusiasm; one can't help but get wrapped up in her message. It is a real treat when she incorporates her exceptional singing talents into her presentations.

Rita is a true delight, both professionally and personally. She would be a great asset to your students and to your school.

Feel free to contact me to discuss Rita's talents and abilities.

Susie Kelley, President/CEO

I am delighted to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Rita Allen. I have known Rita for over ten years. Upon entering Jacksonville State University in 1999 to complete her BS and MA, Rita became my student and friend. She has been a soloist for numerous events at JSU including special choir performances, opening of football games, social and civic events, and the inauguration of our current JSU President, Dr. Bill Meehan.
Rita has demonstrated creativity, adaptability, and abundant enthusiasm. She establishes rapport easily with all people from all walks of life, is a team player and enthusiastically embraces change. Her easy-going personality has been much appreciated.
As a business owner and director, her music school was the top vocal studio in Etowah County for many years. She produced revues with casts of over 100 and the JSU Gospel Choir was honored to be one of the special guests for one of her events. She took numerous choirs to perform at Carnegie Hall and toured England on an Arts Education Trip with over 40 students/parents. She has been teaching music and wellness for over 20 years with great success. She is highly suited for the position of leadership and responsibility because not only does she have the education and training, but she has the gift as well. She would be a tremendous asset; motivated, persistent, intelligent, and dedicated with impeccable integrity.
Rita Allen is an extremely capable professional and has my strongest recommendation. If you wish to know more about this competent and energetic individual, do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Myrtice Collins, Director
JSU Gospel Choir

Steven M. Fain
Leadership Professionals, Inc.

RE: Mrs. Rita Allen

I am happy to recommend Rita Allen. I worked with Rita for nearly a year and found her to be courteous, prompt and knowledgeable. Rita is a true communicator. She has excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills that rank at the very top. The work was done professionally, promptly and at a level of commitment that I found outstanding. Rita is a true teacher. She has the ability to train and assist others in ways that work. She is equally gifted as an administrator. I wouldn't hesitate to use Mrs. Allen again, for all she does is state-of-the-art.

Leadership Professionals, Inc.
Dr. Steven M. Fain

Heather Steward, Private Voice & Show Choir Student

Mrs. Allen, Over the past three years that I have been taking voice lessons from you, I have learned so much and now have such a love for music.  You always believed in me, even when I would forget to practice my songs.  You brought the best out of me and are one of the main reasons I have so many wonderful opportunities in music.  When I was in “Etowah Live!” I made friends that I will never forget and I even got to sing at Carnegie Hall!  It would have never have been possible without you.  Before I came to your studio, the thought of being on Broadway or getting accepted to my dream college had never crossed my mind. But with your patience, encouragement and, most importantly faith, that dream doesn’t seem out of the question.  I am forever grateful to you, and I hope that God blesses you in all the things you do.

Myron Allenstein, Attorney at Law, Allenstein & Allenstein, LLC, Gadsden, AL

Rita Allen exhibits the highest level of professionalism in everything she does and I give her my highest recommendation.  She has an established record of helping and encouraging students of all ages reach for and achieve dreams and skills.  She is a teacher, a trainer and and encourager; she never stops learning.  Rita has continued to build on the gifts and abilities she has by continuing her education and expanding her skills.  She is always reaching and achieving, and she instills these same characteristics in the ones she mentors.  She is loyal and hard working, and she has a reputation of excellence which is well known in the community.

Tomas E. Quinn, President, Gadsden-Etowah Chamber of Commerce

This letter is in reference to Ms. Rita Allen, who has entertained at three of our Chamber functions over the last two years. Ms. Allen first performed at our inaugural “Pillars of Gold” awards ceremony where we inducted nine local business and professional people into our Hall of Fame.  She has an excellent, very strong voice with the capacity to sing any type song from romantic ballad to upbeat broadway tunes. Our crowd enjoyed her performance so much that we had her sing at our annual Riverfest Festival which attracts crowds of 20,000 and up, for three days.  For Christmas, Ms. Allen sang at the Chamber for a huge open house we held with over four hundred people in attendance.  Not only is she talented, but she is a very pleasant person making the planning and implementation of stress related activities much easier.

The Gadsden Times
A woman of many talents, singer/voice teacher, Rita Allen, produces shows year-round, including an annual revue which has become a popular local event.  What is less well-known about Rita, though, is that when her regular workday ends, she starts another, going to Big Oak Girl's Ranch in Springville to teach the performing arts, voice, speech, grooming and self-assurance to the residents.

Rita Young Allen Teaching Credentials.....
Master of Science in Management Leadership (Healthcare Administration)
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Counseling, Emergency Management, Public Administration)
Executive Director & Marketing Director for two National Healthcare Corporations
Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music Education
Associate of Arts in Vocal Performance
Music School Owner for 24 years
Performed at Carnegie Hall with Private Choirs, 6 years
Church Music Minister, 30+ years
Published Author, "The Sheaf Dreamer"
Columnist, 20+ years
President of Alabama National Speakers Association, 3 years
Public & Private School Teacher, 10 years (Choral & Drama)
Pageantry, Top Ten, National Competition of Ms. Senior America & Alabama State Director

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Rita Young Allen, Keynote Speaking Professional / Concert Soloist / Published Author / Emcee

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Concentration in Counseling) from Jacksonville State University.

Master of Science in Management Leadership (Healthcare Administration) from Troy University.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music, from Jacksonville State University.

Associate of Science in Music Education, Vocal Performance

Snead State College, Gadsden State College, and Wallace State College.


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