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What can I say other than Rita left me and 1000 others at the National Speakers Association speechless. Her presence filled the vast room and left each of us filled with her gift.” Scott Halford, CSP, National Speakers Association.

It's rare that a person can instantly capture the hearts of 1200 people all in one moment; that's exactly what Rita did during the grand opening ceremony of the 2010 National Speakers Association convention. She has a gripping presence on stage that draws the audience in and a powerful voice that fills people up with encouragement, peace, and hope. You need to have her in front of your group if you're looking for someone to connect and move your audience with passion and purpose!.....Rory Vaden, MBA, New York Times bestselling author of Take The Stairs and World-Renowned Keynote Speaker


The Esther Goal.....Female Spiritual Passion

Esther was the epitome of Spiritual Passion well set. Spiritual Passion is far more than simply attending a church and doing what is expected of you. Spiritual Passion for women is research, digging, study and excavation that renders truth and the understanding of who we are as women, and why it is imperative that we live in the fullness that God created us to have. Esther is the perfect example...beautiful, kind, dedicated, powerful, anointed, loving and wise. The role of women in God's plan is far greater that most of us have been taught.

+How to be beautiful and powerful.

+How to understand the strength of humility.

+How to set a wise, strategic plan.

+How to seek out wise Council.

+How to get your prayers answered.

+How to understand the message in Proverbs 31.

The Sheaf Dreamer.....The Passion of Spiritual Service

To understand and walk in true light and love is the essence of peace, the fulfillment of dreams and the path to authentic living. We have been lied to, but not always on purpose. We must change the way we look at things. Great teachers and thought leaders of this spiritual path are few and far between. Mediocre teachers are abundant. From the foundations of the world we were all meant to experience transcending love, walk in divine light and teach great things, but we have not been taught how. We have been taught the counterfeit that leads to life in the matrix, unchallenged. This counterfeit invades our dream world with fierce passion, leaving us with feelings of desperation and helplessness...revisiting us at will. We must learn how to remove our tormenting dreams, live our passion and fully realize why we are put on this Earth.

+How to interpret dreams based on the Word of God.

+How to remove tormenting dreams.

+How to fulfill the dreams that were placed in your spirit from the foundations of the world.

+How to develop Renewal Living on a daily basis.

+How to move into your place appointed in Spiritual Service.


The Life of Elegance.....Personal Passion

Each of you had a song at one time. You knew exactly what you wanted to do, where you wanted to go and how you wanted to live. For many, that song becomes buried beneath job pressures, responsibilities, family, social pressure, and expectations of others. Your song is still there; you just can't hear it. Have you missed it? Do you yearn to be Passionate about life again? You can be.

+How to uncover your Song.

+How to regain what life has taken from you.

+How to access your calling without compromising responsibilities.

+How to grow your gifts and sing your song once again.

+How to life with Elegance.

The Pursuit of Pain Free Living.....The Passion of Health

Synonymous with Healthy Living is Pain Free Living, as all issues that arise from unhealthy living cause pain, to some degree, in our lives. As we add years to our life, many times we add areas of pain that are a result of less than healthy living. Pain that is caused by our daily neglect can, many times, be alleviated. We find ourselves in the midst of stressful jobs, very unhealthy eating habits, sedentary life styles and generations of family health problems. Healthy Living is possible, even when exceptions must be made for problems that are past the point of no return. The urgency is to stand up and say, "No More!"

+How to alleviate present movable pain.

+How to take action to prevent more complex pain development.

+How to stop your generations of health issues and tendencies.

+How to live with unmoving pain.

+How to turn your pain into profit.

The Healing Sound of Music.....The Passion of the Good Life

Music can change everything. Almost every organ in the body responds to music. It can create changes in metabolism, circulation, blood pressure and moods. It can cause us to cry, laugh, heal, reflect, create and rest. Music has been a vital part of our world, from the very beginning of our world. It is said if family members of loved ones with Alzheimer's will play songs that were very special to the patient in their younger years, there will be greater recall during visits. If music is this powerful to the greatly disadvantaged, imagine what music can do for those who can actively engage it. When your body is out of harmony...mind, body, spirit, emotions, will, heart, dreams or actions, music can return the harmony.

+How to lower heart rate, reduce stress, disarm tensions and lower blood pressure with music.

+How to reduce arthritis pain with music.

+How to heighten creativity with music.

+How to remove the "Fight or Flight" syndrome (where most people live) with music and breathing.

+How to bring harmony to every area of life with music, creating The Good Life on a daily basis.


Female Leadership.....The Passion of Business

You can secure a job without Passion. You can build a team without Passion. You can conform to rules without Passion. You can obey an upline without Passion. But, you cannot be successful without Passion. The secret to successful Female Leadership is to develop Passion without compromising who you are. Passion is developed, step-by-step, no matter the industry.

+How to light the fire of Passion in your associates.

+How to maintain your Passion on a daily basis.

+How to deal with fear, which destroys Passion.

+How to assume responsibility for the Passion of your team.

+As a woman, How to live in Passion without compromising integrity.

The Battle is in the Mind.....The Passion of Success

The reason there are hundreds of thousands of Self-Help books sold yearly is because we want the secret formula to success. We want to know how someone else did it so we can emulate their formula. The secret to success is not in how well we execute a plan, how diligent we are to maintain a flow or how knowledgeable we become. The secret to success lies in the victory of the mind, where the daily battle takes place. No matter the industry, the warfare techniques taught in battle are the tools vital to success in any area of life. No matter the path, negative, dark, difficult days will come. The understanding of how to deal with those days and thoughts is the only secret component to success.

+How to prepare the mind to do battle.

+How to ward off the arrows before they land.

+How to deal with the line of panic before it carries you five steps down the path of "what if."

+How to help your associates do battle.

+How to learn from each mental skirmish.

Rita Young Allen, Speech for the Alabama Council of Association Executives at the Winfrey in Birmingham, Alabama...

(1)Tony Wilkerson, Executive Director Independent Auto Dealers Association of AL.
(2)April Mullins, Director of Association Sales at PCH Hotels & Resorts.
(3)Rick Brown, CAE is President of the Alabama Retail Association and 2010 President of ACAE.
(4)Larry Vinson, CAE is Executive Director of ACAE


The Passion of Living Well

Living Well encompasses many facets of learning to live naturally, simply and free from as many counterfeits as possible. This includes the food you eat, the air you breathe, the sun you drink in, the supplements you take, the words you listen to, the songs you sing, the food you grow, the traditions you believe, the freedoms you embrace, the chemicals you avoid, the things you worship, the emotions you control, the actions you take, and the dreams you dream.

+How to make eating an art!

+How to make true beauty the standard.

+How to make confidence and a positive attitude the norm.

+How to take the right supplements for your needs, including a list of the top 100 most important supplements
for daily health and disease prevention, along with definition.

+How to live without fear.

+How to control the thoughts in your mind.

+How to live out your dreams, no matter what age.

+How to minister life to others.

+How to understand and align your emotions with life events.

+How to clean the air inside your home, daily.

+How to grow all the veggies and herbs you need in a small porch space...and love every minute of it!

+How to plan and execute every day.

Retirement Community Living

A well-chosen retirement community can lengthen lives and renew the sense of community that was present early in life. It can create more socialization, healthier food, more exercise, greater safety and instant health care. The "Community Connectedness" is wonderful and many have told me they were even happier than when living in neighborhoods of years past. The key is finding a community that meets your needs and creates a very positive living experience. Having worked in the Retirement Community industry for seven years, I have a wealth of information with guidance to selecting the perfect new residence.

+How to begin the search for the perfect Retirement Community.

+How to ask leading questions that will give pointed informational answers (including the list of questions).

+How to avoid the pitfalls of rogue communities.

+How to "bargain" with Community Marketing Directors for the lowest monthly rent, and the best amenities.

+How to live in a retirement community with the Passion of Sorority Dorm College Kid!


Joy in Your Journey.....Social Passion

The common term in today's world is, "Build Your Tribe!" There is great significance in building a social network of people who benefit you, as well as finding satisfaction in how you benefit them. There is great joy in the ability to enrich the lives of others. But, others will not follow someone who is without Passion. They may listen momentarily, but they will not follow. They will not be motivated to become part of your social network. Passion captures the attention of uplines and downlines to a greater degree than any other attribute. People love walking with those who have found Joy in their Journey!

+How to understand the mindset of Joy in the Journey.

+How to create Actions that bring people into your social network.

+How to develop Actions that keep people interested in your journey.

+How to develop value for your Tribe.

+How to understand the difference between Joy in Your Journey and Happiness.

Rita Young Allen Teaching Credentials.....
Master of Science in Management Leadership (Healthcare Administration)
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Counseling, Emergency Management, Public Administration)
Executive Director & Marketing Director for two National Healthcare Corporations
Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music Education
Associate of Arts in Vocal Performance
Music School Owner for 24 years
Performed at Carnegie Hall with Private Choirs, 6 years
Church Music Minister, 30+ years
Published Author, "The Sheaf Dreamer"
Columnist, 20+ years
President of Alabama National Speakers Association, 3 years
Public & Private School Teacher, 10 years (Choral & Drama)
Pageantry, Top Ten, National Competition of Ms. Senior America & Alabama State Director

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Rita Young Allen, Keynote Speaking Professional / Concert Soloist / Published Author / Emcee

Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Concentration in Counseling) from Jacksonville State University.

Master of Science in Management Leadership (Healthcare Administration) from Troy University.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music, from Jacksonville State University.

Associate of Science in Music Education, Vocal Performance

Snead State College, Gadsden State College, and Wallace State College.


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