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How to produce a packed-house production!
Understand that corporate culture is the character of your company's personality, your chorus.  Many instruments shape this culture...core values, business principles, traditions, beliefs, behaviors and work practices.  If one instrument is weak, strengthen it! 
Social Responsibility and ethical integrity are the steroids for any business, but these sections of the orchestra don't always play on top of the note.  You have the power to change it!
This program focuses on the 5 steps to bolster a weak culture and the 3 pieces of ethical integrity.
While the content is powerful and educational, this program is fun, interactive and very memorable.  The lessons learned will challenge and reward the audience! 
Program points...
*How music can instill deeper change.
*How to safeguard against weak culture pitfalls.
*How to discover better competencies and capabilities.
*How to identify a culture problem.
*How to instill new life...Vivace!...into your business culture.
Meeting Planners, your audience will...
*Experience the excitement of stepping to rhythm with each other.
*Learn the value of the chorus, the unified culture.
*Discover the importance of playing off each other.
*Understand the necessity of rehearsal.
*Play with abandon!

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