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Concert Master (Leadership)

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Employees do not leave jobs; they leave Leaders!
Understand that the kind of leader you are will directly determine what kind of staff you will have.  The Concert Master leads, but his greatest gift is the ability to bring varied and diverse players together to form a beautiful, effective, powerful, motivating symphony!  Theory Y leaders have this ability.  Theory X leaders do not.  Are you a Theory X Leader?...you CAN change.
Program Points...
*How to drop "X" Leader traits.
*Master the Art of Negotiation and the Power of Positive Confrontation.
*How to give your associates permission to fail.
*How to create "happy" employees, rendering a Positive Organizational Behavior.
*Understanding the rewards that really work.
*How to breathe to relieve stress.
*How to be the leader that really cares.
Meeting Planners, your participants will...
*Learn how to lead with strength AND compassion.
*Understand why "1-2-3" doesn't always work in leadership.
*Learn why every leader should be strong in the Art of Negotiation and the Power of Positive Confrontation.
*Build a Concert Master mentality which includes everything from the selection to the performance.
*Enjoy the release of built-up leadership stress!

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