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How to save thousands of dollars, thousands of hours and thousands of unnecessary steps in your quest to find the perfect Retirement Community...for you, for a family member or for a friend.

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How are you coping with this “over 100 degree” weather?  It has been very difficult for so many.  Even though I grew up in the country (on Sand Mountain) these temperatures have been tough on me.  Thank goodness I don’t have to work outside!  I was reminded of my grandmother working out in her garden, with her garden bonnet that had a 4-inch bill all around her face, long sleeves to protect her arms and a big apron to wipe the dirt off her hands.  Oh my goodness, what beautiful and delicious homemade canned jars of vegetables came from that garden!  Just about this time of year her kitchen was filled with steamy, hot days as she canned hundreds of jars of food.  My Grannie was a very strong support in my life.  She taught me truth, kindness, beauty and diligence.  I loved sitting on her chenille spread in her bedroom, smelling of all her perfumes and coating my arms with dusting powder from the big dusting puff!  I loved her biscuits with butter and Golden Eagle Syrup blended together.  I loved our trips to the five and dime store where she always bought me a goodie!  Most of all I loved her faith. She will forever remain a powerful, stable part of my past.  The last few years of her life, she became incapacitated and had to go into a Nursing Home.  Her last two years were not very pretty, although her faith brought her peace to the very end.  I do wish I could have made her last days more comfortable and I wish I could have provided her with more rest from her labors during the vibrant years of her retirement before the time came for the Nursing Home.  She canned vegetables after she was tired of canning vegetables…because she thought she had to.  She pinched pennies because it was a way of life.  She lived through the Depression and with that came a designated value of things.  Folks now can take advantage of a lifestyle that will help them live their retirement years very alive and vibrant, with the luxury of resting from your labors, long before time for Skilled Care!  “It’s not how many breaths you take, but how many moments take your breath away!” 

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Four Part Online Class
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This two-payment option is only good through July 28, 2009.

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