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The Fine Art of Storytelling

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The Fine Art of Storytelling
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Most people would do just about anything to avoid having to speak in front of people.  In fact, as I am sure you already have heard, public speaking is even listed above death as the ten greatest fears (click below)!  BUT, most of us find that, at some point, we are expected to speak to a group of people.  If you desire to be a successful ministry and business person, you must possess an ease in front of people and a confidence when asked to speak. 
Public Speaking does not have to be overly stressful.  Butterflies are always good because that small amount of stress keeps you sharp, but stress to the point of extreme discomfort can hinder your mission, and even your entire career.  There are definite steps to overcoming the fear of speaking in public.  In fact, many people find that when they address their fears and learn the steps to successful speaking, they not only lose their fear but they find it invigorating and very fulfilling.  This class will teach you how to craft a speech and deliver it with ease. 

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Rita is an exceptional motivational speaker. I have had the pleasure to listen to Rita and I was very impressed with her style and ease of keeping the audience interested. I have also heard Rita sing which is literally "music to my ears!" What a pleasure it is to know Rita. I would highly recommend her. August 13, 2009, Lorri Heller, C.Ht. , Birmingham-Hypnosis

Karen Owen, United Way of Etowah County, AL
The Spirit of Citizenship monument dedication is now a memory, a wonderful night of pride, patriotism and unity. I was glad to have played a part in its success. Rita, you gave us chills and made us cry with pride as the monument was lit. Your emotion was contagious. Thanks for sharing your voice and talent. It made the closing perfect.


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Rita Young Allen...Southern Belle
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Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music
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