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Music for Healing…..

In my search for the healing powers of music, I have come upon some very interesting, dynamic stories and statistics!  Many truths that I have known in my heart for years are simply being confirmed by research.  I would like to share some of them with you. 

Over 2,000 years ago, the ancient Greeks assigned a musician as well as a physician to those who were sick.  They believed the musician could bring back the harmony of the body which would allow the healing to take place.  Researchers do not fully understand music’s magic.  The Harvard Health Letter dated December 2001 states that, “The singing Alzheimer’s patient is both a commonplace and a mystery.”  There is no solid explanation for how the patient who is in the severe, late stages of the disease is able to sing, perform, keep time and stay in tune when a familiar song is played.  At any other moment, these patients are totally unresponsive and unable to speak!  After the music stops, the person disappears back in to the dark hole of the disease.  There is also evidence that for those patients with mild-to-moderate dementia, there is greater recall when background music is played. 

Drummer Dale Marcell has a group of 30 residents seated in a circle at the Winston Park nursing home.  They are motionless.  Marcell places a drum, tambourine, bell or African gourd filled with beans, in their laps.  He then beats out a lively rhythm on his drum and the group comes alive!  With big smiles on their faces, they are contributing band members.  After the music stops, they sink back into the darkness of their disease.

For patients who have been neurologically damaged by strokes or by Parkinson’s disease, music has the ability to jog their memories.  One doctor says, “It carries them like a bridge over devastated landscapes of the mind…and like stepping stones into the territory lost.”  He attributes the wonderful power of sound to the fact that when in the womb there is nothing but sound.  Hearing is the only sense being perfected.  Research has even shown that within 72 hours of birth, an infant will recognize the voice of the mother!  One “musical miracle” is a man who was paralyzed on one side by a stroke.  His speech is very broken at best and many days he cannot form words at all.  Yet, when he sings, the lyrics come with very little effort.  When the music stops, he wrings his hands with frustration, because the spoken words will not come.  He is stuck again.  He has come a long way since his stroke.  With music, he is regaining his fluency, dignity and meaning to his compromised life.

There are so many possibilities with music!  Every living thing in this universe works on a rhythm.  If you feel your life is somewhat out of rhythm today, seek the giver of all gifts.  He can show you how to find a harmony and rhythm in life!


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