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Private Voice Guidelines

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(1)  Everyone must have a voice bag, notebook and practice CDs.  Without your notebook, we have no idea what improvements you have made on your songs or what your assignments were for the current lesson.  The date, any key changes and all corrections are kept on your word sheets, therefore, it is vital that you bring them to each lesson.  I have also had students who lost practice CDs because they did not have a voice bag.  Please purchase a voice bag that you use for nothing except your private voice lessons.  Decorate it any way you like!  When it is time to come to voice, grab your CDs , be sure your notebook is in your bag and you should be fine.


(2) You will need to purchase your own original sound tracks and start building your own repertoire of music so that no matter where you are asked to sing, you have your own original sound tracks and you are prepared. 


(3)  Everyone must have a warm-up CD and must use it every day!  If you don't have time to work on your songs one day, at least do your vocal exercises.  They strengthen and expand your voice.  Also, if you are already warmed up when you come to voice, we can work more time on your songs.  If you happen to lose our warm-up CD, ask me for another one.


(5) The fee for a 45-minute voice lesson is $65, payable either before and at each lesson.  You may choose to have a lesson each week or two lessons per month.  If you choose to come each week, you must be confident that you will have enough rehearsal time.  If it is obvious that you are not prepared for each of them, I will suggest that you go to two lessons per month.  Your progress is completely dependent upon your time and diligence.


(6) Very Important!!  Moms, please be on time picking up your children.  There will be other students waiting for lessons after them.  Thank you!



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with attendance to Snead State College, Gadsden State College, and Wallace State College.

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