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Preserve your "special recordings" on CD!
If your special recordings (music or speaking) are on cassettes, bring them to us and we will transfer them to CD. 
$15.00 per song or track.
A dollar a minute for all other recordings.

Vocal Demo CD with label!
Create your own vocal CD which you can use for advertisement, ministry, or just getting your foot in the door!
Three songs $200
$50 per song after the first three.
Personalized Track or Song
$10 per edit
(additions or deletions)
Lower or raise key of a Sound Track for Vocal Performance!
If the sound track you sing with is just a little too high or a little too low, we can change the key to make it perfect for your range.
$20.00 per song
Change the tempo of a Sound Track for Vocal Performance!
If the sound track you sing with is just a little too fast or a little too slow, we can change the tempo to make if comfortable for you.
$20 per song.
Voice Eliminate a vocal recording to create a sound track!
Some vocal recordings voice eliminate very well and some don't.  If it does, you will have a sound track with the same orchestration that the popular vocal artist used to make the song famous!
Note:  these are not advisable for talent competitions.
$20 per song
Reduce a long sound track to the two minute limit for talent competition!
If your very favorite song is too long for a pageant or talent competition, we can reduce it down to the permitted length.
$30 per song.
Recording of Seminar, Workshop or all-day events.
$400 set-up fee and $100 per hour of recording.
Use of sound system included in price.
Production of one set of master CDs for the event.

"Quality is never an accident;
it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort,
intelligent direction and skillful execution.
It represents the wise choice of many alternatives."


Concert Soloist & Music Instructor
Published Author & Consultant
Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker

124 Aurene Road ~ Gadsden, Alabama 35904 

Rita Young Allen...Southern Belle
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Jacksonville State University
Master of Science in Management (Healthcare Administration) from Troy University

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music
Associate of Science in Music Education, Vocal Performance

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