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What can I say other than Rita left me and 1000 others at the National Speakers Association speechless. Her presence filled the vast room and left each of us filled with her gift.” July 24, 2010, Scott Halford, CSP, National Speakers Association.



Does your team need motivation?
Does your team need negotiation skills?
Does your team need compassion while maintaining power?
Why should you hire Rita Young Allen?
...Because she exudes energy and confidence, and makes you believe that you can be just as energetic and confident. 
...Because she does her homework, knows her topic and delivers with power.
...Because she is able to capture the heart of the audience in such a way as to inspire them to move mountains.
...Because she has been the ministry leader, business owner, corporate executive, employee, entertainer, and has traveled from secretary to VP.  Only those who have walked the walk can effectively talk the talk.  Rita can.
...Because she will instill a belief in your teams that they can accomplish whatever is necessary for member satisfaction and the success of the ministry.
...Because she is a master with audience participation.  Not only will your attendees leave feeling they can climb any mountain, but they will be rejuvenated as well.
...Because she is entertaining!  No matter how knowledgeable or educated someone is, no one wants to listen to a boring speaker.  Rita is anything but!  She is a recognized performer both on stage and screen.  With 30 years as a professional entertainer, she knows how to hold an audience in the palm of her hand.

For a Keynote Speaker that will imprint your heart and motivate your spirit, look no further!  Rita's multiple careers in speaking, business, music and education have brought her many rewards.  Her exceptional gift as a storyteller allows her to captivate an audience while sharing life-changing direction for a successful business, an entertaining social event, or an inspirational gathering.  Her exceptional gift in drama allows her to "take" the audience past where they are today and "be" where they have dreamed.  Her exceptional gift in music allows her to "bridge gaps in the psyche" that can be connected no other way.  Rita has a 30-year track record as a Speaker, Performer, and Trainer!  Her presentations are powerful because she does her homework, designing each presentation to fit your particular needs.  Rita does more than motivate; she moves your heart!
If you book Rita, you will have made a life-long confidant and friend.  Her students and clients consider her a mentor for life.  Go ahead.  Do it now.  Book her for your next event where you want your audience to walk away with new vision and new direction.   You can call 205-317-3604, send an email message, contact on Facebook or LinkedIn, or fill out the contact form on the Meeting Planner page.  Will be looking for your message!

Rita Young Allen, Speech for the Alabama Council of Association Executives at the Winfrey in Birmingham, Alabama...

(1)Tony Wilkerson, Executive Director Independent Auto Dealers Association of AL.
(2)April Mullins, Director of Association Sales at PCH Hotels & Resorts.
(3)Rick Brown, CAE is President of the Alabama Retail Association and 2010 President of ACAE.
(4)Larry Vinson, CAE is Executive Director of ACAE

Rita is a true communicator!  She has excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills that rank at the very top.  Her work is done professionally, prompt and at a level I found outstanding!  Rita is a true teacher.  She has the ability to train and assist others in ways that work.  She is equally gifted as an administrator; all she does is state-of-the-art.  She exhibits the highest moral and ethical personality as I have had the pleasure to work with and know as a friend.  Rita is dedicated to the degree of perfection.  One does not have to be concerned as to whether her objective or goal will be accomplished.  She is truly a people person.  It always warmed my heart to know that her priorities were always set to help others reach a fuller level of commitment.
~Dr. Steven M. Fain, Leadership Professionals, Inc

“Rita Allen is a warm and dynamic speaker whose positive attitude fills the room with joy and light. Her messages are always uplifting and upbeat. She's a breath of fresh air, especially in these difficult economic times. She is also an accomplished musician, so this is yet another way she brings happiness into the lives of others. I recommend her highly.” May 12, 2009, Melanie LeMay, Owner , Melanie LeMay Communications Consulting


Concert Soloist & Music Instructor
Published Author & Consultant
Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker

124 Aurene Road ~ Gadsden, Alabama 35904 

Rita Young Allen...Southern Belle
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Jacksonville State University
Master of Science in Management (Healthcare Administration) from Troy University

Bachelor of Science in Sociology, Minor in Music
Associate of Science in Music Education, Vocal Performance

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