My Pets

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Mary B. Young

I love my pets! They are a very bright part of my life!
Let me introduce them to you.....



Hans & Angel





No matter who it is, I always know when someone is anywhere on my property.  Hans lets me know!  If it is someone he knows, he makes about six trips from the door to where I am even before I can get to the door!  My son-in-law, Philip, says Hans is much too smart to be a dog!  He seems to understand more than some humans!  My daughter, Rita, says if she comes to the door when I am not home, Hans will never bark, but if I'm there his siren goes off, loud and clear!  He's been my Big Buddy for five years!

Angel is just like her name!  She is my angel!  She also lets me know when someone is headed to my door.  She stands very tall and up go her ears!  Each night she waits until Hans is in his bed and then she jumps up in the chair with me.  She will purr and talk to me for at least 30 minutes!  Angel has been my sweet companion for 13 years!


Live, Love & Laugh!

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