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About Us

The Alabama National Speakers Association exists to assist individuals in becoming the speaking professional they desire to be, giving them the tools they need to derive their livelihood from their speaking business.  Our members consist of amateurs and seasoned professionals, all desiring to improve their speaking ability.  This craft is never fully attained; there will always be something new to learn and something new to experience.  This very fact makes the profession very invigorating and exciting!
We bring in top notch professional speakers to provide quality programs. Each meeting is themed around the National Speakers Association's eight core speaking competencies of Platform Skills, Communication Techniques, Business Management, Professional Relations, Topic Development, Sales and Marketing, Authorship/Product Development Skills, and Professional Awareness.
Although there is no dress code, our suggestion is business casual, but jeans are just as welcome as business suits.
If you are a member of the national NSA and you decide to join our chapter, your investment will be $100 per year and your meeting fee will be $20.  If you are not a national member, your membership investment will be $150 per year and your meeting fee will be $20.  If you would like to attend as a guest, your meeting fee will be $20 for your first visit and $40 for each visit thereafter. 
As a member, you will receive your own web page on our site which can be hot linked to your own site.
Thanks for considering one of the greatest chapters in the US!  We look forward to you becoming a vital part of our growing family.

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