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Beyond the Basics of Social Media


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If you’re feeling left out of the Social Media circle, you’re in the right place.  Social Media has taken the world by storm of late.  The truth is it’s been around for a long time but with the development of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn networking online has risen to all new heights at a frantic pace.

After visiting event after event promising to enlighten about Social Media we’re noticing a lot of people are growing frustrated since most discussions rarely go beyond defining the choices and explaining the very basic information of getting started.

Lisa and I decided to team up and conduct live classes designed to explain more about how to use Social Media to promote your project or business.   We discuss what to do once you’ve set up your accounts and steps to take to enjoy the many benefits of engaging an audience that’s perfect for you and your pursuits.

We believe Social Media gives us all the opportunity to be ourselves.  As Social Media continues to evolve, the landscape changes daily and compared to traditional forms of marketing is relatively young.  There are no true experts on the subject as yet since everyone is still testing, experimenting and discovering various ways to create and inspire out here in the vast wilderness of the Internet.

We believe there is room for everyone since we all have unique assets to share to create communities of friends, fans and like-minded people that want to join in on discussions, inspire one another and be the social beings we’re intended to be.

We’re working as fast as we can to implement the details of time and place for our first classes and welcome you to contact us through the About Us page on this blog to join our mailing list for constant updates.  You may also follow us on Twitter @BBofSocialMedia where we’ll share our progress as it happens.

Please comment here on our blog and let us know what you think of our concept, your input is welcome and appreciated. {Comments are moderated and will not appear right away}

For more information contact us at or {replacing AT with the @ symbol}

~Rita Allen & Lisa Isbell

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