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A team is not formed by pyramid talent; a team is formed by agreed choice.
A true team is one where every member has unique gifts and abilitites, but they come together in agreement that they are willing to use those talents for the good of the whole.  Every person must recognize and agree that no one's talent is more important than any other, no matter how small or how large is each contribution.  This is uniquely demonstrated in an orchestra.  The violin is no more important than the drum; it just has a different role.  If each plays their role effectively, the team will be unbeatable.  If each instrument plays their part well, the orchestra will be magnificent. 
Program Points...
*How to develop strategy-executing responsibility in each area of expertise.
*How to use team-based incentive systems.
*How to develop results-oriented, self-managed work teams.
*How to use team building to attract and retain highly talented, productive and dedicated employees.
*How to build teams who know their strategic role in helping the company produce desired results.
Meeting Planners, your audience will...
*Learn the joy of the equal, gifted playing field.
*Practice playing together.
*Increase their awareness of the skilled contributions of their team players.
*Interact creatively.
*Enjoy new connections and beautiful new music.


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