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“Music is the only language that every human being understands” says Rita, as she shares the strategy, constructs, and delivery of how music can take your organization to greater heights than ever thought possible! Music is color, from the bright beautiful tones to the dark somber tones.  Music Color can create an atmosphere of power, from the PhD to the alzheimer's patient, from the sole proprietor to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  Dr. Samuel Wong says, “Music carries (alzheimer’s patients) like a bridge over devastated landscapes of the mind…and like stepping stones into the territory lost.”  It is also recommended that if family members will play songs that were very special to the patient in the younger years, there will be greater recall of faces, names and places during visits.  If music is this powerful to the greatly disadvantaged, imagine what music can do for those who can actively engage it!  This is more than music therapy, this is Music Color, and it can change the color of any setting, circumstance or situation.  Music, when correctly employed, can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, clear thinking processes, disarm workplace tensions, generate motivation and spawn creativity.  We have not even scratched the surface of what music can do, and how it can benefit our everyday lives.  It has even been found that playing a full-size harp can help relieve arthritis pain that medication cannot.  Music Color can change lives!

"Rita was amazing at the National Speakers Association convention.  When she was on stage, I sat in amazement and awe.  I believe she is capable of exceeding any client's expectations.  What a true professional..." Patricia Fripp, Past President National Speakers Association

For a Keynote Speaker that will imprint your heart and motivate your spirit, look no further!  Rita's multiple careers in speaking, business, music and education have given her an umbrella expertise of the world of music.  Her exceptional gift as a storyteller allows her to captivate an audience while sharing life-changing direction for a successful business, an entertaining social event, or an inspirational gathering.  Her exceptional gift in drama allows her to "take" the audience past where they are today and "be" where they have dreamed.  Her exceptional gift in music allows her to "bridge gaps in the psyche" that can be connected no other way.  Rita has a 30-year track record as a Speaker, Performer, and Trainer!  Her presentations are powerful because she does her homework, designing each presentation to fit your particular needs.  Rita does more than motivate; she moves your heart!


If you book Rita, you will have made a life-long confidant and friend.  Her students and clients consider her a mentor for life.  Go ahead.  Do it now.  Book her for your next event where you want your audience to walk away with new vision and new direction.   You can call 316-222-0338, send an email message, contact on Facebook or LinkedIn, or fill out the form on the contact page.  We will be looking for your message!

An all-time favorite Jazz song..."Sonny"...with live orchestra.

Click here to download the May 2012 issue of Speaker Magazine. My feature story begins on page 18.

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"With grace and glory, Rita's presence and voice filled the room.  As chills of an amazing experience raced through me, I knew I was witnessing a master at work.  It is her giving spirit and her gift of music that reaches all generations.  The National Speakers Association was honored to have her work featured in the Opening of our 2010 Convention."  Jolene Brown, CSP


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