Rita Young Allen is the Music Color Tribe Builder.

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Why should you hire Rita?

...Because your employees deserve a stress-free atmosphere of unity and creativity.


...Because you will become a more effective leader, understanding the power of music and the power of Music Color


...Because your organization needs to know how much you really care.


...Because..."Rita is a gift to the world.  Between her incredible singing and her powerful speaking, she is truly a force that can inspire and empower people to be their very best!"  Willie Jolley, Author and Award-winning Speaker and Singer.


...Because..."Rita not only commands the stage, she is mesmerizing and inspiring.  She fully engaged the room of over 1,000 people.  It was an incredible performance.  Rita delivers."  Marcia Reynolds, President, CoVisioning LLC

...Because she does her homework, knows her topic and delivers with power.


...Because she is able to capture the heart of the audience in such a way as to inspire them to move mountains.


...Because she has been the business owner (capturing 35%+ of the market share for over 10 years), corporate executive, employee, entertainer, and has traveled from secretary to VP.  Only those who have walked the walk can effectively talk the talk.  Rita can.


...Because she will instill a belief in your teams that they can accomplish whatever is necessary for customer satisfaction and the success of the business.


...Because she is entertaining!  No matter how knowledgeable or educated someone is, no one wants to listen to a boring speaker.  Rita is anything but!  She is a recognized performer both on stage and screen.  With 30 years as a professional entertainer, she knows how to hold an audience in the palm of her hand.

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"I have had the unique opportunity to work with Rita many times over the last 20 years.  I have seen her speak, train, sing and coach.  She is absolutely at the top of her game.  I would highly recommend her to any corporation who is looking to take their team-building experience to the next level."  Terry Young, President, Southern Risk Services.


Rita Young Allen, M.A.
Speaking Professional
Music Color Expert
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Brierfield, Alabama  35035

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