Rita Young Allen is the Music Color Tribe Builder.

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Rita helps organizations create symphony in their daily round.
  She connects musicians, both those who play and those who listen,
    teaching them creativity and wellness through music color.
      She creates harmony for organizational outliers.


Successful leaders create harmony...
  Successful associates work in unity...
    Successful organizations build solid orchestras
      that play together well, no matter the composition.

Changing your World with Music Color!...Creating Harmony, Relieving Stress and Energizing Leaders!

Has your business lost it's rhythm?...Have you lost your Song?.....

Join Rita's Music Tribe and learn how to create your own life symphony!  No worries about your email privacy; it is 100% safe.  True musicians are loyal to each other. 

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"Rita is a moving dose of change!  ...If you want a major shot of energy, new ideas and determination to build success, hire Rita!"  Gary Minor, Executive Director, 21st Century Leadership Institute.

The word symphony is derived from Greek, meaning "agreement or concord of sound," "concert of vocal or instrumental music," "harmonious." 
The word color is "vividness of visual appearance resulting from the presence of brightly colored things," "variety of musical tone or expression."
(Oxford English Dictionary)

Rita, I can’t quite get over you!  You are single-handedly taking what has historically been one of the most boring organizations I have ever belonged to and turning it into a powerhouse.  Shows the power of a strong enthusiastic leader.  I just want to say, “thank you.”  David Sher, AmSher Receivables Management, Birmingham, AL


Rita Young Allen, M.A.
Speaking Professional
Music Color Expert
993 Rolling Mill Road
Brierfield, Alabama  35035

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