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The value of the membership services are:

   Evaluation and consulting to determine best strategies to market your services.

  Marketing Program and 1000 + leads to use within your business.

  Opportunities for bookings through our booking division. (ISN retains a 25% commission on any bookings secured)

  Free admission to ISN nationwide annual series of Speaker Workshops.

  Evaluation and free estimates on your materials and publications.

  Member discounts on book publishing services, and wholesale costs on all design & printing of your materials.

  In- house graphic & web designer to evaluate and build your marketing tools.

  Free educational program which the following credentials are earned – GSI (Graduate Speakers Institute) and ASC (Advanced Speakers Certification).

  ISN Membership Certificate suitable for framing.

  The use of the ISN logo sent in a jpg format. (Great for websites, business cards & stationary)

  Career Development Workbook to define goals and marketing strategies.

  ISN Works chooses 2 speakers of the month to promote on our website- picture, one sheet, and link to your video.

  Monthly business card drawings with marketing programs and video prizes.

  Members receive their own page listing on our meeting planner website

  Members receive a monthly report from ISN Works sharing news and speaking opportunities, as well as an attached spreadsheet with all the meeting planners our booking agents have contacted within the last 30 days.

  Bi-Monthly Conference Call


We have found there are many reasons why speakers join our organization other than the benefits above.

We consult with clients and process a career development workbook specifically identifying topics, marketing materials and fee structure. We consult with the client on personal goals, short term and long term. Our clients receive an industry specific database to work our marketing 200 program, designed to improve their current marketing program. Most speakers think referrals are marketing. It's not! We discuss marketing plans for NEW BUSINESS.  


We open doors for speakers through our graphics division by improving their current marketing materials to command those higher booking fees. We have been working with meeting planners through our marketing efforts for over 20 years. Our database is over 50,000.  Our leads from those efforts generate "Calls for Presentation" through our MARKETING EFFORTS. 


As you know, there are no guarantees in the speaking industry. The only thing we can guarantee is that any time you are a good fit, we submit you and do our best to secure you the booking. The meeting planners make the final decision. 


It would be my pleasure to work with you to help you grow your career.  Think about your possibilities of gained business with a marketing company that can also submit you for bookings.  ~Tracy


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