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Benefits Of Being An ISN Member

Career Development

All new members will receive a Career Development workbook they can complete and return to us.  The workbook will ask questions about your background, topics, and fees, how you currently market yourself, etc.  It will also look at where you are and where you want to go. It will ask about current plans you have to reach your goals. It is an opportunity to provide us with in-depth information that will allow us to assist you better.


As a member of ISN Works, you are eligible for any bookings we handle. We have several booking agents who are on the phones with meeting planners 40 hours a week working to secure bookings for our speakers. When we book you, we receive 25% of the booking fee and take no spin-offs.  We have a huge database of event & meeting planners that consists of Associations, Corporations, Healthcare Industries, Religious, Businesses, Education K-12, Education Colleges & Universities, Insurance, Real Estate, Conventions, etc.


Marketing 200 Program

This is a program we have designed that provides a step-by-step procedure on how to market yourself to 200 Meeting Planners in such a way that you will be able to double or even triple your business in a year. It is a twelve month program that outlines the procedure on a monthly basis.  We even provide you with 200 meeting planners and their contact information to assist you in using the program.  Most people will work it for a month or two and give up. You need to follow the entire program for it to be successful.  We will even work with your staff to guide them on ways to work with meeting planners and help them with scripts to use. One of our clients is a trainer who teaches people how to become trainers. He used the program for one entire year and called us at the end of the year to proudly announce he had tripled his business, taking him into the six digit income bracket. THIS PROGRAM IS OFFERED AS A BENEFIT TO OUR MEMBERS. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO WORK THE PROGRAM IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO.


Marketing Assistance

If there is one thing we hear over and over from our members, it is that they do not like nor know how to market themselves. Most speakers rely on referrals and word of mouth.  We feel like one of the most important benefits of being an ISN member is the fact that we are always available to discuss marketing ideas and techniques with you. Once you become a member, you can call at any time to discuss any facet of your career with David Wright our President. Our company has been helping speakers increase their fees and get more bookings for over 15 years. If you never use any of our other services, it is worth the $525.00 membership fee just to be able to call and get advice from David. Some marketing firms will charge $1500 an hour for a marketing consultation. We offer it free to our members whenever they need it. We will offer additional marketing programs you can participate in from time to time. These programs will be an extra way to get your name in front of meeting planners.

Materials & Back-of-the Room Product

We can assist our members in any facet of their career.  We have our own graphic design department. We have copywriters who can make sure your wording is what will entice meeting planners to book you. We offer discount pricing on any materials you may need such as one-sheets, postcards, press kits, brochures, etc. 

We have a full service publishing company in house that can assist you through every phase of publishing your book. If you need a book, but do not have time or inclination to write one, we have ghost writers who can help you. We also produce anthologies where you can be interviewed for 30 minutes and it can be transcribed into a chapter for the book.


Training Workshops & Video Taping Opportunities

We hold four workshops a year where you can attend to receive additional training. At our workshops, we give speakers an opportunity to film a video.  Video can be filmed as a 10 minute video for demo use at just $200.00 or a full 45-minute presentation for back-of-the-room product for just $495.00. We use four cameras and edit on the fly so you walk away with a quality video to use for marketing purposes.


ISN Professional Designations

ISN offers training at our workshop to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in today’s industry.  Members completed 64 hours of training (4 workshops) will receive their GSI (Graduate Speakers Institute) certification. ASC is a designation established by ISN to recognize those individuals who have completed one hundred and twenty-four (124) hours of course work or its equivalent. An Advanced Speaker Certification can be designed in most professional fields. ISN realizes many individuals have achieved a substantial education through work and life experience.


Everything we do is related to booking you, whether it is through our services or helping you fine tune your materials and assist you with your efforts. Call one of our Marketing Representatives today and get started on your way to Success.



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