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Atonal (Organizational Behavior)

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Organizational Behavior can go from Perfect Harmony to Atonal in less than a day.
The challenges of leading human organizations in the real world (not a fantasy world) are great.  The purpose of any organization is to achieve a designated result.  During the industrial age, that designated result was the bottom line, at all cost.  Now that the power has shifted from the sellers to the buyers, the organizational behavior has taken on a new face. 
The shift that has occured has changed the face of the behavior; it is not necessarily better, just different.  In our world today, there are two rules: (1) Everything happens faster.  (2)  Anything that can be done, will be done, if not by you, then by someone else.  These two rules can assure us of a less kind and less predictable workplace.
The task of living under these two rules while establishing a positive organizational behavior is challenging.
Program Points...
*How Music Color can establish varied settings within the organization.
*How to implement Music Color techniques to create an order of flow in the daily round.
*How to use Music Color to de-stress volatile situations.
*How to use individual goal-setting to escalate effectiveness.
*How to give each employee a voice.
Meeting Planners, your audience will...
*Learn how to move about their daily round with more freedom and purpose.
*Increase their understanding of the importance of positive organizational behavior.
*Learn how to fail.
*Enjoy the feeling of succeeding.
*Learn strategies of positive goal-setting.
*Practice the basics of choosing "happy" (the higher road) over the valley.

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